A Certain Kind of Sadness

By | January, 16, 2012

Starting this week fresh, with a song that doesn’t really continue the thread from last week, except for the slightly psychedelic style of the body painting in the video. This song by Gotye, was the follow up single to “Eyes Wide Open” on his last effort Making Mirrors, released on August 19, 2011. The Belgian born Aussie is known to be heavily influenced by stalwarts of the New Wave/Synth Pop movement, Depeche Mode and The Police, but I hear another influence in his vocal tone and phrasing that brings to mind another artist associated with this style. Despite being a founding member of Genesis, back when they were a heady, Prog-Rock band, Peter Gabriel reached worldwide acclaim with his solo material in the early 80s. Once Gotye’s voice climbs up a register to sing the chorus of “Somebody That I Used To Know”, it instantly brings me back to hearing Peter Gabriel deliver his signature vocals on the pop classic “Sledgehammer”. The main difference here is that where Gabriel was asserting his sexual prowess in “Sledgehammer”, Gotye is singing confidently about being jaded and betrayed. Kimbra, the 21 year old Indie Pop up and comer from New Zealand, guests on the track and expresses some of the same sentiments, offering the second side to this tragic story of love lost. I’m really glad a close friend of mine suggested I check out an equally stirring cover of this song by the band Walk off the Earth.