Sleeping With My Back To Yours

By | January, 23, 2012

I originally heard Wolf Gang through a remix done by one of my favorite new electronic artists, Active Child. That version still remains my favorite and has a really cool clip pulled from the legendary Woodstock film that has been enhanced and looped throughout the length of the song. The original which you can listen to/watch below is such a great song, and it’s nice to see an artist with a distinctly different approach remix the song maintaining it’s essence while still bringing something new to the track as well. The video is merely some behind the scenes footage of the group on tour, but it’s filmed and edited proficiently. If you enjoy the song so much and are looking for another version, check out the reprise, with a guest by Washington DC based rapper McWorm. The video features an absolutely gorgeous model gallivanting on a beach somewhere that is close to what heaven must be like, especially given that she’s present. Disclaimer, please forgive the sophomoric 8 bars from McWorm, or try to pretend they never were laid over this beautiful song.