In Memoriam Davy Jones

By | February, 29, 2012

Guest contributor: Paul LaScolea

Lost in the criticism of their band being a manufactured product (see: The Byrds “So You Want To Be a Rock ‘n’ Roll Star”), The Monkees could simply be written off as a major precursor to future well-put-together commercial acts such as the Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC. However, as we lament the death of singer Davy Jones, there is no room for such cynicism. Compiling a list of the many classic tracks The Monkees contributed to the pop lexicon would take more time than most would think, but even for the harshest critic, “Porpoise Song” from their ridiculous 1968 film Head, is a perfect example of late 60’s psychedelia: stuck in time yet utterly beautiful.