Go Tell Fire

By | April, 26, 2012

WU LYF is playing tonight and tomorrow night in New York City. The UK band has been one of the most buzzed about, cult bands of the last year. Their anonymity (until recently) has cloaked them in a shroud of mystery, not to mention their cryptic name which stands for World Unite Lucifer Youth Foundation. Their self described “heavy pop” sound is an interesting mix of shoegaze walls of sound layed over bombastic beats. The most striking feature of the band is their lead singer’s distinctively gruff and aggressive vocal approach. It seems as if their mission is to urge people to revolt against whatever it is that suppresses them or prevents their happiness. Watch the video for “DIRT” below.

Tonight the band is at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. Event information is here. Tomorrow night they’ll be performing at Bowery Ballroom. The details are here.