New EP from Sally

By | July, 26, 2012

Guest contributor: Ben Anshutz

Sally is full of indie-pop fun. Based right out of New York City, this group creates bouncy, bubbly pop that pulls from acts such as Nighttime Adventure Society and The Moldy Peaches. The band offers up a new six-song EP We Are In A Car that smartly distills their cutesy ethos.

Opener “We Are In A Car” features an intricate and fleet drum line bellied up with jangly guitars and singer Kristen Gudsnuk’s honey-dipped voice, and will leave you smiling. “A Summer Song”, eloquently composed with textures similar to the first track’s, speaks to the heartache from the loss of summer romance. Here, songwriter Jordan Cooper is mining a powerful pop sensibility.

But it is on the third track, “Friends Are Foes,” that Cooper really hits his stride. With a scratchy vocal filter, Gudsnuk lets her inner punk out with distorted guitar wails to match, making this one of the most fun moments on this release. “Head On Your Neck” channels 1960s girl-groups with its dance-ready composition. Take this one to the beach for sunbathing weekends.

The EP wraps up with “Another Lesson,” putting a bow on the bubblegum folk that Sally has curated through the six songs. While this release doesn’t offer a huge variety or particularly unique instrumentation, it rides on the strength of Gudsnuk’s honest vocals and Cooper’s cheery songwriting. The EP is unique in its execution, with the longest of six songs being under three minutes, and the majority of them under two. Writing these short pop songs is unique in the landscape of current indie music, with too many bands unleashing sprawling and dragging epics. With We Are In A Car, Sally proves that you don’t need much to craft beautiful indie pop. If you’re looking for something spunky for your summer playlist, look no further than Sally.

The EP can be purchased on CD Baby, or iTunes. You can also stream it on Spotify.

Watch the band perform “Undo” below.