Every cowgirl, grab yourself a thug

By | October, 30, 2012

Author: Carolyn Samuelson

Come stomp your feet to Gangstagrass this Saturday at Mercury Lounge. This truly unique band utilizes a fine mix of classic bluegrass instrumentals and rowdy rapping to promote a paradigm shift towards miscegenation, the idea being that fans of both genres can party together. Their album, Rappalachia, collaborates with artists from both genres such as T.O.N.E-z, R-Son, Aint No Love and Dead Prez, rapping about the rambler’s life and stompin’ people out. Their fearless lyrics and soulful style are sure to throw down. The “Two Fisted Tales of Twang” show starts at 7:30 and will also feature The Newton Gang, another Brooklyn band brandishing their signature “outlaw country” sound.