Meet The Stepkids

By | May, 9, 2013

Author : Mary Tsoules

May 22nd. Brooklyn Bowl. BE THERE. Because these guys are playing. And they’re not your average band.

This snazzy trio can’t be defined by any one genre of music. They’re folk, neo/classic soul and 20th century classical with punk and jazz all rolled into one funky band. And I’m sure you could throw in some other varieties as well. This is what they pride themselves on. They prefer not to have a specific, singular sound. How do The Stepkids define “The Stepkids”? “Psychedelia for the 21st century.”

The three dashing members, Jeff Gitelman (guitar), Tim Walsh (drums), and Dan Edinberg (bass and keyboards) have had much experience in the music industry, specifically with R&B and Hip-Hop, before the creation of The Stepkids. They toured with the likes of Alicia Keys, 50 Cent, and Lauryn Hill as a backing group.

Just as they don’t have a singular sound, they don’t have a singular “lead” singer. They are constantly emphasizing the importance of each member contributing equally. They all write the lyrics together and they all sing together, as a whole.

To get the full experience, you really need to see them in person. Watching this video of their live performance for “Suburban Dream” is getting me stoked for their Brooklyn performance. They also have a number of hilarious, mind-tripping videos that are worth checking out, but they just don’t do the trio justice. Come see them for yourself. LIVE. You won’t be disappointed. Plus, one of my all time favorites is opening for them, so get there early!