Lewis Lane

By | April, 22, 2015

Lewis Lane is making waves, as their new single “Play” premiered yesterday morning on AllThingsGoMusic.com. The single combines the best of sultry pop and soul with a hook that will have you singing for days.

I got a chance to interview the band’s singer, Katherine Smith, about their influences, favorite shows, and what keeps them going.

What genre do you consider your band to be in?

I think we’d fall into the indie pop world? It’s hard to analyze your own sound like that though.

I sing mostly and play the piano when I’m writing, though I’d never call myself a “pianist.” That’d be offensive to real piano players. I can also play 1 rock groove on the drums if that counts…

What other instruments can you and your fellow band members play?

The guys are all incredible multi-talented musicians. Luke, the keyboard player, was actually a jazz drummer in college and is the band’s producer. He’s a beast.

When asked about their most memorable musical experiences, she responded with a few stories that showed a love for what they do…a love that often seems lost in many artists of the industry today.

The bass player Rob, Luke and I did a stripped down, 4 song set awhile back… our first show ever. The crowd was cheering for an encore (which was super awesome!) but we didn’t have anymore songs left. We looked at each other like “oh fuck” and Luke said “just start singing something.” I started the first verse of “People Get Ready” by Curtis Mayfield in God knows what key and the guys just joined in, like, seamlessly. We walked out of that gig laughing, thanking our parents for sending us to jazz school. Improv fo life.

Another time Russ, the guitar player, took a 4 hour bus out to Pennsyltucky to play an acoustic show for my parents. We were paid in roast pig and beer. What a trooper!

I guess musical experiences like that have shaped our personal bonds more than anything.

When asked about her biggest struggle and accomplishment as a musician, she responded;

I’d say the biggest struggle is having patience. And every step forward has felt like an accomplishment, big or small. Gotta stay positive!

As the interview came to a close, it made a comical turn.

What is your favorite show that you’ve played in the last few years?

Last year we did a sold out Madison Square Garden show with thousands of fans chanting “Lewis Lane! Lewis Lane!” Just kidding…

How do you acquire shows and promote yourself?

Everyday I’m hustlin’.

Do you have any mottos?

Don’t be a dick.

What’s next for your band?

Hopefully cash, money, hoes.

What do you do when you’re not listening to or making music?

Binge drinking with friends, binge watching Netflix, pretty typical stuff of my generation. Oh, and outbidding what I’m guessing are grandmothers on Ebay for scenic jigsaw puzzles. I like puzzles.

And lastly, when asked what her favorite song out right now was, she responded with…

Raleigh Ritchie “Bloodsport” but mostly because he’s Grey Worm from Game of Thrones.

Catch Lewis Lane this weekend at Mercury Lounge this Saturday, April 25th. It’ll be a show you won’t soon forget. Grab Tickets Here.

Author: Danielle Grubb