Walking Wiki

By | May, 11, 2015

Author: Jennifer Bittick

Straight out of Planet Hollywood, we bring you CHAZ KANGAS. Chaz may be one of the very few MCs to describe themselves as a “pop culture obsessed walking Wikipedia”. We present to you the world premiere of his first music video, “Travel Size”, off last year’s The Rex Manning Day EP. His love of pop culture can be seen in this Wham! inspired video for the track. In just a little over two minutes Chaz references the dancing Internet baby, Tamagotchis, My Little Pony, and Furbies. Besides emulating 80’s pop stars, Chaz is also a battle rap champion, journalist, comedian, and collector of Beanie Babies.

Be sure to catch him live at Leftfield on Ludlow this Thursday, May 14th, at 9:00 PM along with S.U.P.E.R., Dojo Fam, and DJ Mario Bee & Mike Gerbino. You can purchase tickets here! You won’t wanna miss this!