Ariah &: Singer-Songwriter

By | May, 31, 2016

Combining haunting old world vocals and scarce acoustic instrumentation “Ariah &” is quickly becoming a NYC staple. The soon to be 23 year old singer-songwriter is a regular at The Bitter End, Rockwood Music Hall, and will be playing Leftfield in the les on June 10th. I sat down with Ariah Noetzel to talk about her style and being a young artist in in NYC in 2016.

So Ariah, what artists contribute to your sound and to the fact that you’re a performing singer-songwriter?

My influences… are The Shins, Florence + The Machine, Amy Winehouse, Ingrid Michaelson, Lake Street Drive, Sara Bareillis, and Norah Jones. Oh My God, there’s so many more. Essentially, I love dynamic Indie bands and badass female vocalists.

Okay, this is an annoying one but an important question nonetheless: your favorite record of all time?

Favorite record changes monthly: pretty much all three of The Shins’ albums, Lake Street Dive’s Bad Self Portraits(even side pony), and Norah Jones’ Little Broken Hearts.

What’s your favorite venue to play at?

Sidewalk, because it feels like home. Been playing the open mic there since i was 17 and so many shows there since.

Favorite venue to go to?

Anywhere with beer and decent sound. a good band is a good band.

In your words whats the most difficult part of being an indie singer-songwriter in NYC in 2016?

Oh man. Just getting enough resources and money together to actually get material out into the world. I can crank out a ton of songs, but if I want anyone to hear them-I have to invest money and time into recording Then comes figuring out how to post them and when. There are so many talented musicians in this city trying to figure that out too. And when I want to play with a full band, coordinating with other musicians can be difficult. Everyone in NY is so busy all the time.

You play a ton of dynamic covers, from Amy Winehouse tunes to more obscure stripped down indie-rock tracks. Do you think its easier to get an audience engaged with covers as opposed to your own music?

Funny you mention that, I’m currently working on a series of videos of covers with some other musicians to sorta promote my original song EP: some Billy Joel, some Seal, some Fleetwood Mac. I definitely think people like to hear songs the recognize, especially if people can make them new and different and interesting. I think people want to hear new and original music, but it helps if you appreciate the performer doing something songs already know. Doing a well known song is also sorta a way to bond with your audience, like “Isn’t this such a great song? I think so too, That Billy Joel fella certainly does know how to write a tune!””

Catch Ariah & at Leftfield June 10th and look for new music via https ://

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Nick Gagliardi