Dead Winter Carpenters

By | July, 20, 2016

A Little Backstory…

All stemming from Lake Tahoe, California, Dead Winter Carpenters have set their sights on revolutionizing the way the younger generation of music-lovers views Americana and string music.

This soulful group, consisting of members Jesse Dunn, Jenni Charles, Dave Lockhart, Bryan Daines, and Brian Huston, have made a name for themselves through their daring and unique sound, often referred to as a combination of various genres.

With three previously-released albums under their belt and new record entitled “Washoe” having been released just this February, the Dead Winter Carpenters gang are gaining a ton of exposure.

In fact, they’ve recently partnered with live music app, StereoCast, for their upcoming July 26th show at NYC’s American Beauty.

Welcome to the Family!

If you’re new to the blog here and have not yet heard of StereoCast, get ready to have your sock BLOWN off.

Known for being the pioneer platform in stage-to-engage applications, the company has created revolutionary technology that allows fans and audience members to access high-quality live recordings of tracks performed at StereoCast-enabled shows and venues everywhere.

This means that come the 26th of this month, Dead Winter Carpenter fans will be able to relive live musical memories within the mere touch of a button minutes, if not seconds, after the show has come to an end – incredible, right?

Mark Your Calendar!

Although content won’t be released until after the show on the night if the 26th, users of the StereoCast app are able to purchase the ENTIRE show in advance for just $9.99 – nearly all of which will go straight to the band themselves!


-Ashlee Allan