The Biggest Music Industry Predictions for 2017

By | February, 7, 2017

written by Josh Fletcher

Here’s a bold music prediction for 2017: there will be some surprises. Whether it’s an unannounced album by a beloved, absent artist dropping or a reunion tour we thought would never happen coming true. Here are some specific musical predictions we have for 2017.


New Neutral Milk Hotel Album

After the release of their seminal sophomore record, In the Aeroplane Over the Sea, Neutral Milk Hotel disbanded and lead singer Jeff Mangum was out of the spotlight. Then, over a decade later, they embarked on an extensive reunion tour that brought to sold-out theaters and festivals around the world. Recently, artwork sold by Mangum with a possible hidden message has prompted speculation about a new album. If you told an indie rock lover ten years ago that 2017 would bring President Donald Trump and a new Neutral Milk Hotel album, they would laugh at the incredulity of both those statements.


Smiths Reunion

A reunion of one of the most influential bands of all time has been speculated for so long now, and every year it seems less and less likely. Morrissey and Johnny Marr are certainly at odds. However, it seemed like a Guns N’ Roses would never have a proper reunion, but that came true. A Smiths reunion might be unlikely in 2017, but we’ve learned to expect the unexpected.


More Streaming Albums Nominated for Grammys

Chance the Rapper’s Coloring Book mixtape was a breakthrough last year, as it received scores of Grammy nominations despite not being available for physical sale. With that precedent, the stage is set for plenty more streaming-only albums to be nominated for Grammys. They will need to be quality, like Coloring Book, but a great album no longer needs to be in a jewel case in order to qualify for Grammy consideration.


New Taylor Swift Album

Swift’s acclaimed last album, 1989, will be three years old this fall. Swift has a tendency to release albums at an every-two-years rate, so she is past due for a new one. Although, it’s possible that after the success of 1989, Swift saw fit to make us wait in a bit more fevered anticipation. Could this be a surprise album drop?


Lots and Lots of Anti-Trump Music

It’s no secret that a whole lot of musicians are against the policies of President Donald Trump. They were against him when he was campaigning, when he was elected and now that he’s in office. Hip-hop and punk artists are sure to use their songwriting powers to exercise their freedom of speech but don’t be surprised if artists whose music is usually docile start taking on a harsher tone in regards to our current president.

Lots more is bound to happen in the music industry this year, much of which we can’t possibly imagine. Who would have imagined, for instance, that a Rae Sremmurd song would inspire a fad such as the Mannequin Challenge? Or Beyonce’s Super Bowl halftime show? Anything can happen in the world of music.