Merter Yildirim, Electrifying the NYC Music Scene

By | June, 24, 2014

We want to give a shout out to an important artist who’s been making incredible things happen through all levels of the New York music scene for a good number of years now.

Merter Yildirim, originally from Turkey, arrived in New York in 2008 and wasted no time finding his way onto some of the best stages and recording studios in the area, all the while helping countless musicians achieve higher levels of success with their music than they could have ever achieved without him.

Merter Yildirim, onstage at Tobacco Road, NYC (photo by Brian Lin)

What’s Merter’s secret? He’s a triple threat– a fully trained musician, composer AND engineer/producer, Merter has mastered all three disciplines and on top of that has a unique taste and singular creative vision that’s all his own.

For bands that have been lucky enough to feature his distinctive bass playing, Merter has catapulted them to fan acclaim and created signature sounds that keep audiences coming back. While he’s always been dedicated to one or two steady projects at a time, Merter believes in enriching the music scene itself, and so he’s usually happy to lend a hand to deserving artists that need a little extra boost, when he can find time in his busy schedule.

Merter started playing the bass in his junior high school years and almost immediately found himself performing professionally with multiple bands. He began his career as a professional audio engineer in 2004, and, always growing as an artist, moved to New York in 2008 to earn his master’s in music. Since arriving in the city, he’s played with original acts ‘Shooting Gallery NYC’, ‘Father of Sam’, and has perhaps achieved the most fame with ‘The Bliss Jockeys’ when his joining in 2013 converted the group from a struggling folk vocal ensemble to a dynamic rock band featuring his great instrumental skills.

Merter’s enriched the stages of the top venues in New York City, including: Mercury Lounge, The Cutting Room, Cafe Wha?, Merkin Concert Hall, and Triad Theater. He’s guested with a wide array of artists, including Alex Federici, Lesley Shannon, Ellen Weiss, Elena Giordano and the triumphant Brighter Than Today concert, with whom he’s also prepared studio recordings.

If you need an artist who understands all of the inter-connections between art, musical diversity and technical excellence, look no further than Merter Yildirim!

His playing will soon be featured as The Bliss Jockeys take over a coveted spot on stage at Babylon SoHo. The band’s debut album, The Birth of Bliss, is coming soon from Roomful of Sky Records.