Abigael Puritz – TMG Multi-Media Artist Spotlight

By | June, 2, 2015

Hello Everyone! TMG is pleased to present our first ever multi-media artist spotlight Let me introduce, Abigael Puritz, a visual artist, graphic novelist, painter, bookmaker, makeup artist, artist, model, dancer, and performance artist!

“In The Dark”

Abigael Puritz explores the potential of the narrative by utilizing the versatile art form of the graphic novel. She use’s linoleum carvings, pen and ink and oil paint depending on the priorities of the particular story. She follows the footsteps of writers such as Anais Nin, wielding the image rather than the word.


“Green Lady”

Here’s her exclusive interview with TMG!

1. Are you a(n) comedian/artist/designer/other (please elaborate)?

 Visual artist, graphic novelist, painter, bookmaker, makeup artist, model, dancer, and performance artist! 

2. Describe your work please Are you a(n) comedian/artist/designer/other (please elaborate) Visual artist, graphic novelist, painter, bookmaker, makeup artist, model, dancer, and performance artist!?!

My work takes various forms, ranging from graphic novels to elaborate makeup designs. The unifying theme would be the desire to connect to the viewer with a narrative. My graphic novels, which are created with linoleum cut prints and hand bound, tell stories which are sometimes autobiographical, sometimes the stories of others. My paintings usually follow the same kind of feeling as my books, but since I can use color in a much more spontaneous way the story is told far more with that. My makeup pieces are often fantastical and bordering on the grotesque, they often contain a more overt feminist agenda than my other work. I like to draw unusual shapes and patterns on my face, challenging the typical idea of the feminine. 

 3. How did you get your start?

I started drawing at a very early age, when I was a little kid, and got my first real sketchpad in 7th grade. I’ve been going through about a sketchbook a month ever since. I started drawing comics almost immediately, they’ve always just been the way that makes the most sense for me to communicate.  The dancing, performance art and makeup have been a more recent incarnation of my work, I started developing interest in them while in school and got to start pursuing them seriously when I became a regularly involved with the Circus of Dreams in Brooklyn. 

 4. Where do you get your inspiration?

Manga, Anime, Anais Nin and other writers from that period, Science fiction novels, walks home late at night, traveling, music and personal relationships. 

 5. How is your art/designs/photographer different from other artists? 

Well as far as I know there are not a lot of people willing to go to the trouble to make linoleum cut graphic novels currently… There is a great tradition of doing woodcut novels but nobody else currently mixing that tradition with the influence of manga (Japanese Comics). 

 6. How often do you work on your craft?

Daily, I usually at least draw in my sketchbook a bit a little every day. Even if the day job keeps me from getting to a serious project that day, I have to keep drawing to stay sharp. 

 7. Describe an experience you’ve had when you worked hard and it paid off enormously? 

During my last year in the School of Visual arts I decided to  pursue a particularly ambitious thesis project, not only carving and hand printing a 45 page graphic novel, but producing it in an edition of ten hand made hard cover artist books, in addition to a full collection of paintings, as technically I was a painting focused interdisciplinary student. Adding to the stress, that last semester in school was my first time every studying bookmaking. That year I rarely slept more than a couple hours a night, and its a miracle my friends stuck with me considering how much I complained and acted like a madwoman. It paid off at the end of the year however, when I not only got the approval of some rather hard to impress professors, but immediately was picked up to be sold by an artbook collective I had admired for a very long time. Oh, and got an award from the school art magazine too.. Now that book is in the art book collections at a few different important art book collections,  it still boosts me when I’m feeling doubtful. 

 8. List any awards or press (attach any press clippings) you’ve received for your art:




 9. Where can we find/purchase your art/designs?

Currently the best way is to check out my website for most of my visual art, my instagram @whatitbeabbyop for the most recent stuff and my makeup/performance and event producing work, and email me if you want to buy/commission/book something.



“Cover for the Stone Cold Fox Album, Memory Palace”

Big thanks to Abigael for doing this interview! Check her out and contact her through the links below!

Email : abigael.puritz@gmail.com

Official Website : www.abigaelpuritz.com

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Abigael-Puritz/658531180921347?sk=timeline