T|||DAL shines with their debut single, “Meridian”

By | June, 1, 2015


A relatively new band, Tiiidal formed during the polar vortex of early 2014. In the year as a band, they’ve been honing their sound, recording and mixing material, and playing shows around Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan to increasingly larger crowds without the benefit of any proper recordings, simply due to word of mouth. Settling in somewhere between indie-pop, shoegaze and guitar driven rock, cited influences range from Built to Spill to New Order, Fugazi to the Grateful Dead. After many hours of discussion, the name TIIIDAL was chosen through a win/lose game of band-name Russian Roulette.

Their first single, “Meridian” premiered on All Things Go Music Blog on May 26th, and has been featured on Hype Machine and Vents Magazine as well.   Check out their articles by clicking the respective links!

“Meridian” has been described as, driven by an uptempo drum beat and an eerie set of guitars that elicit long-winding roads and starlit desserts with bizarre group vocals sounding like something coming from a campfire from another dimension that reinforce the imagery of twilight desolation.

Check out “Meridian” here!

Dig it? See Tiiidal perform “Meridian” this weekend, June 6th at Pianos starting at 7pm.

Congrats to Tiiidal on their explosive debut single! Find out more about Tiiidal below!

Website – www.tiiidal.com

Facebook – www.facebook.com/tiiidal

Twitter – www.twitter.com/tiiidal