Angelo Giokas – TMG Multi-Media Artist Spotlight

By | July, 1, 2015

TMG is excited to bring you another multi-media interview for the Yellow Collar Collective.  This time it’s with Angelo Giokas, the talented visual artist out of Little Neck, New York who fuses different elements of modern, street and process art to create an energetic clash of aesthetic patterns!

“Blue Movement Wave” 

Blue Movement Wave

– Mixed Media Collage; Acrylic Paint on Canvas –

“Newborn History”

Newborn History I

Mixed Media Collage, Acrylic Paint, Sand on Canvas

“Peacebuilding Through the Arts”

Peacebuilding Through the Arts

– Mixed Media Collage, Acrylic Paint on Canvas –

“Most Good Things Take Time”

Most Good Things Take Time

Acrylic Paint, and Sand on Canvas –

Here’s a snip-it of Angelo’s Artist Statement:

My hybrid paintings emerge from the sensual, lustful, and introspective relationships I have with the world, as well as the ephemeral and hopeful elements of the human condition.  In my work, mixed media layers of paint, natural materials, and collage imagery, among others, are combined into neb-expressionist compositions.  

I am deeply interested in the associative powers of language, my efforts try to directly emphasize the non-traditional, non-academic, and uniformed process of creation.  Irrespective of the outcome, I focus on the synergy of the materials and my unhindered and unwavering passion for something fundamentally self-taught, raw, and pure. 

Angelo’s “Private Universe Studio”: A wooden shed in his parent’s backyard

Private Universe Studio


1. Are you a(n) Comedian/Artist/Designer/Other (please elaborate)?

I am a visual artist; a hybrid-painter fusing several different elements of modern art, street art, and process art.

2. Please describe your work :

My work is an energetic clash of aesthetic paradigms. Collage elements and digitally rendered imagery blend with heavy-handed, painterly abstraction and landscape references. At times however, one or more of these characteristics might be more prominent in the final product. Quintessentially the work is about the sincere and pure forms that arise from my desire to find the balance between the material(s) and the immaterial. I am very much interested in the philosophy of art and the self-mystification of the artist. 

3. How did you get your start?

I studied art at a college that is most definitely not known for it’s art program. Because it wasn’t known for it’s art program, the department was not ideal for developing the skills necessary to make a career in art. Perhaps it offered some courses for learning some technical skills, but overall, it didn’t posses the “vision” for cultivating the artistry and creative flows that are paramount and sincere. I never took a drawing, painting or graphic design course while I was there, most probably because I lacked direction from my superiors.

I think it was this contradiction that help forge my unique style. My desire to be an artist and the skills that I developed seem entirely self taught, and the result of deeper, innate talent. It wasn’t until 2011, when I studied abroad at Goldsmiths College, University of London that things really started to get going. Not sure if was because I was fully imbued in the rich and extremely fun experience of studying abroad, but something happened there. The bug bit me. It was newly discovered freedom. At that time I knew that I wanted to pursue the dream of being an artist despite knowing nothing of what that really entailed. That summer when I returned I got my first commissioned work. 

4. Where do you get your inspiration?

I source most of my inspiration simply from the love of making art. I am currently not very involved or recognized in the local NY art scenes, and so while following all these collectives and events and artists via social media makes me somewhat jealous, it is the motivation of discovering all the bliss points I feel when creating and crafting and selling. I hope to me a recognized artist one day, but I know that while the world is deciding whether or not my art is good or bad, or if they’ve found out about me yet, I just need to continue to love this game everyday. Eventually the flood gates will open. 

5. How is your art/designs/photographer different from other artists?

That’s a difficult question, but I think what sets me apart from other artists in the methodology used to create the pieces. They’re so unorthodox, so raw and self-taught, and so technically incorrect that the outcome is a very distilled style. I don’t know which brushes do what. I’m not sure how much paint to use. I waste a lot of material. 

6. How much hard work do you put into your craft?

It’s certainly no easy task being a young artist, relatively unknown artist, especially in NYC. It takes a great deal of effort in both the physicality of creating something and the mental exhaustion. I try to work on my artistry everyday after coming home from my day job in Manhattan. Usually takes working on Saturdays too depending how busy I am. But in saying that, I don’t really like to call it “work” at all. As Alan Watts said, “this is the real secrete life– to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play.”  I call it the heart hustle.

7. Describe an experience you’ve had when you worked hard and it paid off enormously?

I really can’t recall one moment in particular.  I think I learned a lot about integrity and work ethic from my father, who works in corporate America. I’ve absorbed those values and try my best to materialize them into all aspects of life. 

8. Where can we find/purchase your art/designs?

Exclusively through me. Unfortunately, I’m not represented by a gallery at the moment.

 Huge thank you to Angelo for taking his time to do this interview for all of us!

Now let’s check out more of Angelo and his creative process’s through this video interview with Iconicvisions!

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