The Biggest Music Industry Predictions for 2017

By | February, 7, 2017

written by Josh Fletcher

Here’s a bold music prediction for 2017: there will be some surprises. Whether it’s an unannounced album by a beloved, absent artist dropping or a reunion tour we thought would never happen coming true. Here are some specific musical predictions we have for 2017.


New Neutral Milk Hotel Album

After the release of their seminal sophomore record, In the Aeroplane Over the Sea, Neutral Milk Hotel disbanded and lead singer Jeff Mangum was out of the spotlight. Then, over a decade later, they embarked on an extensive reunion tour that brought to sold-out theaters and festivals around the world. Recently, artwork sold by Mangum with a possible hidden message has prompted speculation about a new album. If you told an indie rock lover ten years ago that 2017 would bring President Donald Trump and a new Neutral Milk Hotel album, they would laugh at the incredulity of both those statements.


Smiths Reunion

A reunion of one of the most influential bands of all time has been speculated for so long now, and every year it seems less and less likely. Morrissey and Johnny Marr are certainly at odds. However, it seemed like a Guns N’ Roses would never have a proper reunion, but that came true. A Smiths reunion might be unlikely in 2017, but we’ve learned to expect the unexpected.


More Streaming Albums Nominated for Grammys

Chance the Rapper’s Coloring Book mixtape was a breakthrough last year, as it received scores of Grammy nominations despite not being available for physical sale. With that precedent, the stage is set for plenty more streaming-only albums to be nominated for Grammys. They will need to be quality, like Coloring Book, but a great album no longer needs to be in a jewel case in order to qualify for Grammy consideration.


New Taylor Swift Album

Swift’s acclaimed last album, 1989, will be three years old this fall. Swift has a tendency to release albums at an every-two-years rate, so she is past due for a new one. Although, it’s possible that after the success of 1989, Swift saw fit to make us wait in a bit more fevered anticipation. Could this be a surprise album drop?


Lots and Lots of Anti-Trump Music

It’s no secret that a whole lot of musicians are against the policies of President Donald Trump. They were against him when he was campaigning, when he was elected and now that he’s in office. Hip-hop and punk artists are sure to use their songwriting powers to exercise their freedom of speech but don’t be surprised if artists whose music is usually docile start taking on a harsher tone in regards to our current president.

Lots more is bound to happen in the music industry this year, much of which we can’t possibly imagine. Who would have imagined, for instance, that a Rae Sremmurd song would inspire a fad such as the Mannequin Challenge? Or Beyonce’s Super Bowl halftime show? Anything can happen in the world of music.


By | December, 19, 2016

Are you working retail and being bombarded by classic songs of holiday cheer? Or currently surrounded by relatives who swear by the “traditional Christmas?” Or maybe you just have great taste in eggnog and music. Either way, we here at TurnStyle were in the spirit of giving and made an Indie Christmas playlist for you all to enjoy!




By | November, 17, 2016

Danny Chait at Lovecraft

Danny Chait at Lovecraft

Headlining last Saturday’s show at Lovecraft was local native Danny Chait, putting on nothing short of a captivating performance. The venue, found in the basement of a beautiful horror-themed bar inspired by the literary work of H.P. Lovecraft, was a perfect fit for the intimate performance Danny was able to put on.

It was not only his ability to charm everyone with his quirky humor and casual conversations that made his set so memorable, but the way he delivered himself on heartbreaking songs like “Connect” where he passionately sang, “I’m tangled up inside and always feeling used / I tried so hard this time I don’t know what else to do / I can’t get back the years I spent with you.”

Even with the poetically dark and often troubled lyricism, everyone at the show including Danny himself were in good spirits. Many of those who showed up for Steve Owsinski also happily stuck around to talk to and listen to Danny. Getting to perform for a bunch of potential new fans is an exciting prospect and opportunity for any musician, and he nailed it every step of the night.

Listen to Danny Chait’s latest track “Unspun” on Soundcloud.

Greg Connors Music

Greg Connors Music

Greg Connors Music, a trio hailing from NYC, featured an entertaining combination of guitar, violin, double bass, and even a harmonica to bring an expertly crafted contemporary take on blues and country. The lead singer-songwriter of the group, Greg Connors, had an unparalleled talent in creating sweet-sounding vocals to mask the often but not always very heavy, opaque lyrics. Enough to the point where the songs transformed from seemingly simple to genuinely mysterious.

While it may be true that Greg Connors lead the group throughout the night, there was also a considerable number of times where the spotlight shined on his bandmates Nick Attila and Scott Fragala. From the awe-inspiring improvisational violin, to the earth toned, resonant double bass being plucked away with pin-point accuracy.

Check out their brand new song “She’s Talented” released this week, as well as Renovations on Bandcamp. You can also listen to both their debut and sophomore albums Here, There, And Anymore and Full Moon Flashlight on Spotify, or purchase it on iTunes.

Steve Owsinski

Steve Owsinski

On before Greg Connors was Steve Owsinski, a New Jersey born and raised songwriter and producer. Since the release of his debut EP Seek And You Will Find back in 2011, Steve has in the last year been putting out tracks that take an entirely new direction. A direction that is more emotionally heavy, electronically charged, atmospheric with echoing vocals, and filled with lyricism that provides more questions than answers. Much like on the song “Tired” where he desperately and passionately sings “Where do I run to? / How do I find myself? / Where do I go from here?”

Steve has an impressive past; Between having studied songwriting in Memphis and recording his first indie pop EP Seek And You Will Find with Dave Elkins of the famous band Mae, it was clear that he was more than ready to perform live. It wasn’t until about 15 minutes into his set that all of his friends, fans, and even his brothers came pouring in. In fact, the sizable crowd that came for Steve’s set was the majority of those who showed up for the entire night. Once everyone had arrived the show went from good to stellar. Stirring melodies and compelling lyricism were at the forefront of Steve’s music, and as a pop-inspired musician it’s a good sign that Steve’s next EP will be unflinching in its ability to ignite and inspire listeners.

Steve Owsinski will be gracing us with two new EP’s in the near future. In the meantime, you can listen his latest music on Soundcloud, as well his first EP Seek And You Will Find on Spotify or purchase it on iTunes.

Jonas Martin

Jonas Martin

From covering The Growlers to performing originals off both of his albums, Jonas Martin successfully set the tone for the night with his incredibly unique musical output. For instance, “Wannabe”, the lyrically romantic, albeit musically creepy (and beautiful) single off his latest album The Color Scheme was a one of the highlights of the night. When performed live the song was stripped of all the heavy synth bass lines and complimentary effects found in the studio version, only to be left with his piano and his voice. Being the free spirit that Jonas is, he was also very comfortable on stage and never held back on casual commentary in between songs, and when he felt like doing a cover instead of the planned setlist, he did so.

In the brilliant words of Pharrell Williams, in which he responded to Maggie Rogers’ song “Alaska” in that viral video we’ve all seen by now, “It’s singular, it’s your own thing.” With Jonas, it’s hard to compare his genre-bending music to anything else out there. Even with the tough opening slot, Jonas’ truly one-of-a-kind style and his overall energetic and passionate set was easily able to capture the attention of those who were there.

Listen to Jonas Martin’s latest sophomore LP The Color Scheme and debut Chokecherry Jam on Spotify, or purchase them on iTunes.


By | November, 16, 2016

Jack Martini playing Leftfield

Jack Martini playing Leftfield

When Jack Martini, the eight-piece band (you read that right) from Boston took the stage Friday night, it was clear that they quite literally had the biggest stage presence. If you weren’t already amazed at their talent or dancing to their infectious alternative music, you were left wondering how they coordinated 8 people on a small stage and played without missing a note or bumping into each other. Well okay, for full disclosure lead singer-songwriter Jack did at one point hit one of his band members in the head with his guitar. But they laughed it off.

Jack Martini began their headline set with a wonderful offstage performance, where they simultaneously started playing and walking over to the bar on the other side of the venue. As the band crowded around the small dive bar, they played what sounded like a stripped down almost a cappella-like rendition of one of their songs, replacing most of their instruments with wonderful vocals. At which point the casual conversations between customers, now-audience members quickly died and the clapping and cheering began. Admittedly I have never really listened to much of the band’s music before the show, but that moment already felt like a very “Jack Martini” thing to do. After a much deserved round of applause and cheers from the crowd, they headed back to the stage to play their show.

Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 2.16.21 PM

If there’s one thing to highlight with this band, it’s their ability to evoke strong emotions with their simple albeit vivid lyricism; “Sometimes I’m pinned alone in between dimmed lights and tangerine.” It was also Jack’s strong vocal performance that anchored the emotional uncertainty present in his lyrics, making the quieter solo and duet songs just as exciting as when the band played as a whole. Which is saying a lot, since it was very exciting.

Jack Martini released their first EP Marmalade Love earlier this year and can be found on Spotify or purchased on iTunes.

Diamond D and the Stargazers

Diamond D and the Stargazers

Before Jack Martini took the stage, New York based skate punk band Diamond D and the Stargazers put on a raw, headbanger of a show. The band played much off of their debut LP Welcome to New Punk City, including their powerful single “Consciousness Express” with tremendous energy, one which would surely induce a mosh pit with a full house.

With the recent presidential election of Donald Trump, we are already expecting a revival of the punk scene that many considered dead for awhile. The link between radical politics and punk is undeniable. Even though it’s not ubiquitous, it’s hard to pretend it’s not there. That said, Diamond D already made it very clear how they feel about the new president-elect on their social media. When they debuted their single on Facebook, they had some choice words about the orange cheeto of a man to go along with it. Words that may be common in the coming surge of post-election punk bands.

You can check out Diamond D and the Stargazers debut album Welcome to New Punk City on Spotify or purchase on iTunes.

Party of Two

Party of Two

Before an alternative eight-piece band could fill your head with songs about apricots and Kevin Spacey, and before Diamond D could punch you in the face with sound and convulsive head banging, Party of Two opened the show with, yup you guessed it, warm acoustic pop.

If Party of Two’s show at Leftfield was any indicator, then it’ll be hard to watch any of their shows without keeping a smile on your face. The two performers, who happen to be cousins and lifelong friends, have been playing together since they were young. The set consisted of pleasing acoustic guitars and complimentary vocals as they played originals and covers that could easily brighten anyones day.

Gravel Kings

By | July, 27, 2016

Just in Case…

If you’re new to Technical Sounds and aren’t unfamiliar with Gravel Kings, you are sure in for a treat!

The last time I wrote about these guys was when they recently partnered with live music app , StereoCast, the pioneer in stage-to-engage platforms.

Since then, the group, consisting of members Zack Jones, Joey Johnson, Douglas French and Aaron Teems, have been working hard to record a brand new EP for fans to enjoy come early September.

Let’s Cut to the Chase!

While we await the release of the band’s new EP, entitled “Lure,” the four members of Gravel Kings wanted to give fans a little taste of what to expect.

This past Wednesday, the guys debuted “When You’re Gone,” the first track off of this new record, via The Bluegrass Station.

Ashlee’s Take:

As I expected, I absolutely love “When You’re Gone.” Being a massive indie/folk fan, I can appreciate the unique sound the group maintains throughout all of their tracks and albums.

For those who haven’t yet listened to the band before, get ready for some easy-listening, foot-tapping musical magic!



Ashlee Allan

Dead Winter Carpenters

By | July, 20, 2016

A Little Backstory…

All stemming from Lake Tahoe, California, Dead Winter Carpenters have set their sights on revolutionizing the way the younger generation of music-lovers views Americana and string music.

This soulful group, consisting of members Jesse Dunn, Jenni Charles, Dave Lockhart, Bryan Daines, and Brian Huston, have made a name for themselves through their daring and unique sound, often referred to as a combination of various genres.

With three previously-released albums under their belt and new record entitled “Washoe” having been released just this February, the Dead Winter Carpenters gang are gaining a ton of exposure.

In fact, they’ve recently partnered with live music app, StereoCast, for their upcoming July 26th show at NYC’s American Beauty.

Welcome to the Family!

If you’re new to the blog here and have not yet heard of StereoCast, get ready to have your sock BLOWN off.

Known for being the pioneer platform in stage-to-engage applications, the company has created revolutionary technology that allows fans and audience members to access high-quality live recordings of tracks performed at StereoCast-enabled shows and venues everywhere.

This means that come the 26th of this month, Dead Winter Carpenter fans will be able to relive live musical memories within the mere touch of a button minutes, if not seconds, after the show has come to an end – incredible, right?

Mark Your Calendar!

Although content won’t be released until after the show on the night if the 26th, users of the StereoCast app are able to purchase the ENTIRE show in advance for just $9.99 – nearly all of which will go straight to the band themselves!


-Ashlee Allan